Root Canal

Hey, I bet all of us are familiar with a dental procedure called root canal (rawatan akar gigi). Root canals are something we all dread, although when someone else is getting the procedure most of us find it to be somewhat amusing.  When someone asks for a root canal on the other hand, most of us, including dentists, find it to be very absurd to say the least.

Although many aren’t aware of this, root canals have been around for many generations.  Many years ago, ancient civilizations used this method to save teeth that would have been lost otherwise.  These civilizations offered root canals to those such as queens, kings, pharaohs, and the rich.  The teeth from peasants were normally extracted then sold to aristocrats.

Keadaan di mana rawatan akar gigi diperlukan apabila gigi sudah mereput (decay)

Many years ago, doctors believed that worms were the reason for tooth decay.  They also believed that there were many ways to kill the worms, including rinsing the mouth in one’s own urine both day and night. I know, I know, it’s sick right? This remedy was discarded in 1728, proven to be non effective and replaced by other more suitable treatment.  As time passed, doctors proved that the best way to stop the pain was to clean and remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth.

Root canals are a very common procedure these days, as they help to save the tooth by removing the infected/dead or dying pulp.  The pulp is located inside of the tooth, and can be infected/injured. Infection of the pulp can spread to abscess if it isn’t taken care of.  The tissue in the pulp is kept alive by the blood vessels that come from the tip of the root and travel along the root canal into the tooth.

Decay is the main reason for pulp to get infected.  Once the decay has reached the pulp, it will keep eating away until the pulp is died.  Once it dies, the toxins from the decay will be released into the root tip and make it’s way into the jawbone.  If not taken care of properly, the jawbone can become infected, which can lead to death in rare cases.

To fix this problem, the dentist will need to perform a root canal.  During the procedure, he will numb the area then drill a hole into the tooth.  Using various tools and equipment, he will go down inside of the tooth and scrape away the nerves and dead pulp.  This is a very effective procedure, although very time consuming as well. In most cases, a root canal can take several hours, although it is one of the best ways to retain tooth from extraction.  Even though it may take a long time – it is more than worth it when it saves your tooth from being extracted.

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  1. Dr apa rawatan seterusnya lepas rawatan akar kalau gigi tu dah macam discolouration ?

  2. Salam dr.faiz,
    Actually i want to know why pergigian ni satu major area in kesihatan…mcm ijazah lain mcm medik tu menjurus menjadi doktor.
    Pergigian pula cabang kpd medik atau satu bidang besar yg lain? Quiry on that..adakh kesihatan gigi boleh membawa maut?

  3. Salam dr,

    soalan saya, Is there any complication rawatan akar nie.. at 1st sy nak try avoid.. tp dr nasihat buat jugak..
    goin to go my next treatment on 28-08-2012.. huhu… tgh cari2 jgk info pasal rawatan nie..

  4. Doktor!!
    Saya baru habis belajar pasal rawatan akar nie a few months ago!!
    Alhamdulillah dah pass competency test untuk endo…
    Now kena focus on Professional Exam!
    Wish me best of luck, Dr!
    I wanna be a role model like you!!! XD

  5. Dentistery satu budang yang cool kan dr? Tak ramai student suka ambik course ni but for me ia sangat-sangat la interesting. ^ ^

  6. munkar nakir says:

    gigi saya gini lah yer kalu gitu toksahlah mengata aku kalau nk nye nak sangat aku toksah lah ngater aku lagi

  7. nurRamadhan says:

    salam ramadhan,

    mf dr. sy nk tny, sy pnh mmbuat rwtn akar pada gigi sy, ttp, slps bbrp thun ( about 4-5 years) gusi sy sakit berpunca dri gigi yg telah d matikn akarnya,. dlm tahun ni dah masuk kali ke-2. ari tu dr. tu ada bg sy antibiotik..smbuh dah, slps bbrp bulan, sakit berulang, jumpa dr. tu, n dia bg ubat yang sma..tapi kali ni x berkesan.. sy try jumpa dr. lain, dia bg ant. yang lebih kuat..but, sehingga skg ni, ubat anti bengkak dah habis, tapi bengkak gusi bhgn luar x surut lagi..ingt nak cabut la gigi tu pasni, but, sy risau kalo bagi effect lain pula kalo cabut semasa gusi masih bengkak..

    • yup,..saya pun mengalami nasib yg sama,..xtahu kenapa sakit sgt even da buat treatment tu..geram~..kalau cabut dah xlawa da kalau senyum

  8. interesting reading. tq so much. im going to hve my RCT today =)

  9. farhana yusop says:

    talking about tooth worm theory, previously, people believed that if the tooth worm is lured by honey, they will come out to the surface of the tooth, hoping to see it and pull it out. It is considered as one of tooth decay treatment. funny isn’t it?.. :p

    anyway, thanks for this enlightening article about dentistry, can’t wait for the next one.. :)

  10. rinsing mouth with own urine?? eww is this true?? pathetic treatment 😀

  11. salam…

    Boleh saya bertanya….

    Actually, gusi di hujung bahagian bawah…iaitu dikatakan gigi bongsu nak tumbuh..dan sampai sekarang tak keluar2 gigi bongsu tu… amat menyakitkan dan menampakan pipi saya bengkak….

    kenapa iya??

  12. salam dr
    sy nk tnye npe slps rwtn mematikn akr gg dilakukn gg trsbut msh lg skit n mnjdi lbh snstf pd air sjuk sdngkn dr yg merawat brthu gg trsbut xkn skit lg. ape rwtn yg sy prlu lakukn pula utk mslah ini.

    • There are some possibilities as to why this happened,

      1) MAYBE the treatment failed.
      2) MAYBE the sensitivity is on the tooth beside it. It’s easy to be confused from which tooth the sensitivity is coming from especially if it comes from tooth which located near by.
      3) MAYBE the treatment is not completed

  13. salam dr.
    saya nk tanya sdkit tntg rwatan nie.sblm nie sy prnh lakukn rwtn akr nie n dr 2 brithu yg die lakukn rwtn mati akr pd gigi sy n die ckp lpas pd rwatn 2 gg sy xkn skit sjak akhir2 nie gg yg sy lakukn rwtn 2 mula skit sla n sjak rwtn 2 gg bhgian 2 mnjdi lbh snstf.
    blh x dr brthu ape yg prlu sy lakukn n mgpa gg trsbut msh lg skit n menjdi smkin senstf trutma jka sy mnun air sjuk.

  14. cakap pasal gigi… nak tanya sikit. gusi saya selalu juga once in a while macam tiba-tiba berdarah je.. not to much tapi still can taste it. apa penyebab and apa nasihat dr? =)

  15. Hi Dr,

    At first I read ‘roti canai’ instead of root canal :)
    Interesting reading, especially that part during the early days.

    Selamat Berpuasa.

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