High IQ ? So what ?


Opppsss...try again, you might score higher the next time. It's only a test ;)

You know, some people with above average IQ scores thought that’s about everything they ever need to make it through life. I’ve seen it during school and university. And now, not all of those above average IQ scorer became achievers, especially those arrogant one.

Does a high IQ (intelligence quotient) mean better grades in school ? Does it mean a better life ? Is your IQ score even a valid measurement of your intelligence? I’ve got some questions and some point of views regarding IQ. Take a look…

Is High IQ = Really Take Intelligent Action?

The popular Rubik's cube

There is almost certainly a correlation between a high IQ score and being more intelligent. These test are imperfect, though, and you can find examples of cultural biases on many IQ tests. Also, there are specific test-taking skills that have been proven to raise scores on many tests, including IQ tests.

The last point makes sense, doesn’t it? When you know how to efficiently “work” a test, you are likely to score higher. For that matter, even a cup of coffee may boost your score. Even the fact that your score can vary from test to test shows there are factors which can be manipulated to raise your score. There may be a general correlation between IQ score and intelligence, but certainly it’s an imperfect one.

Also, being intelligent doesn’t mean taking intelligent action in life. The latter need more then intelligence, you must add capability and guts to the equation as well.

Is High IQ = Better Life?

What evidence is there that people with higher intelligence have better lives or are happier? None that I am aware of, and how do you scientifically measure “better life?” How about a negative correlation? Many with a high IQ have committed suicide, such as Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Sylvia Plath, but this is just anecdotal. Various studies have shown that people with a high IQ AND a low IQ are slightly more likely to commit suicide, but even if these studies prove true, this doesn’t prove causation, only correlation.

Is High IQ = Academic Performance?

A study reported in the journal ‘Psychological Science’ (yes,yes,yes…I read it sometimes and yes, I’m practical and boring) found that IQ level

correlated with academic performance, but there was a much stronger correlation with self discipline. Students with high self-discipline have better grades than high-IQ students. They found no correlation between IQ and discipline, meaning they are traits that vary independently.

Perhaps you want to emphasis on self discipline first ?

High IQ…What Does It Mean?

IQ test, anybody ?


Intelligence is an important tool, but it is just one of the tools we have to shape our lives with. As are money or power or abilities, it is beneficial in the abstract, but it only becomes beneficial in reality if applied in ways that better our lives. Raw computing capacity doesn’t make a computer or a human more effective if they don’t have the other necessary components.

Consider what people of average intelligence, like Henry Ford, have accomplished, before you place too much emphasis on a high IQ. Just a thought you might want to ponder upon.



Article source – High IQ ? So What ?

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  1. But those with high IQ doesnt need to work hard anymore. I have a friend who had high IQ score. He alwyas in top of the list of excellent student. And the trusth is, he doesnt need to struggle gila2 like us. How lucky he is.

    • High IQ is an advantage, but in life it’s all about package…winning personality, discipline, positive thinking, creativity, etc etc are all important tools to drive you to your goal.

  2. Mick Horn says:

    I just wish to share a little of my life experience here: I was raised by a neurotic father and a depressed mother and I scored 139 in my IQ test when I was 9 years old.
    My parents put me through hell with their senseless expectations and permanent bashing for not getting good grades (I did not enjoy doing work for long periods of time), This, i believe, has led me down a path of social numbness and complete aversion towards academic work (which I find boring and the whole concept of becoming a zombie/tool working just to put numbers in my bank account disgusts me).
    In school my grades steadily declined. I never read a book and focused just enough to get a passing grades. I went to the University since I got an excellent score in the admissions exam but after a few weeks my motivation faded and I fell again in the same old habit of just not doing anything.

    In any case, I am the living proof that high IQ does not equal academic performance nor quality of life. All my life I wondered why oh why don’t I feel happy? I am very intelligent but feel completely removed from reality around me. Right now I am depressed and my life seems to be disintegrating around me. Nothing makes sense to me anymore.


  3. Shafiee Mddom says:

    Salam Dr. Faiz,

    I strongly agree with you on this issue. High IQ is not necessarily resulted High Achievement. Other variables also come into play in the process of becoming a successful person like yourself. You already mentioned one..yes about self-discipline…which is a single most important factor to move forward. When you join the corporate world…a lot more variables will be taken into account such as honesty, integrity, dignity, loyalty…and current trend transparency.

    Well, at the end of the day, it’s really not what you have but what you do with what you have…high IQ is a good advantage but you must take advantage of it.
    If we can meet have a chat so much the better when you have free time…..Thanks

    Salam, Shafiee

    • Salam Shafiee,

      I really enjoyed reading your point of view. Thanks for sharing..I learned something there. Hope our path will cross one day.
      Meanwhile, all the best in your future endeavor…

  4. Jarang2 buat IQ test… Xtau berapa bole score… Rendah la kot gamaknya…. But people selalu judge budak yg IQ tinggi is smart… Dan yg rendah IQ is slow… And i think that is not the right way to judge…

  5. High IQ or spontaneus act?? It dosent matter if you didnt achive the high IQ rated but the immediate action you take might change everything…. As long you got the brain functioning perfectly be happy. Enjoy and use the brain wisely

    p/s you can try again and again untill you find the satisfaction or you can dump it hehehe

  6. * should be LIVES, not liFes. adoi. hehe

  7. Hi Dr Faiz. Agree with your thoughts n opinions on this…I believe that , most people assume people with high IQ have better lifes, in terms of financial n career maybe, but in terms of happiness and emotionals, they might not beat the ones with average IQ level. Plus, the average one who proves to be better in their lifes, are more respected and could inspire others better. Dont u agree? :) Just a thought.

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